The Silent Tree - A multi-sensory art show curated by Ishrath Humairah

The Silent Tree - A multi-sensory art show curated by Ishrath Humairah for Art Houz Coimbatore

Deep-Rooted Trees symbolize the duality of our existence. Of light and darkness. Of joy and despair. Of heaven and hell. The past and present. And everything in between. And beyond.

Keeping these sacred trees, their meditations and reflections as the point of convergence for all artistic expressions, The Silent Tree celebrates art across media such as paintings, photography, sculpture, poetry, and more.

The Silent Tree is a multi-sensory art experience curated by artist Ishrath Humairah with artists from India and abroad.

Contemporary artists, both established and emerging, from different cities and countries are coming together to express their art, heart and soul; once again reminding us of the deep connected roots that make us One.

While this show is about the artists, expression and their inner journeys, the experience is a feast for the soul. From sights, sounds, smell to touch, there is something for everyone. A sense of sate.

From the cross-hatch technique of legendary Ashok Bhowmick, living landscapes of Vipta Kapadia to the colourful trees by Bhaskara Rao, there is soulful art for everyone to see.

Snehal Kashikar fires her kiln for the Kadamba Leaves, Shamshad Khan captures the duality of trees, Ritu Chopra spreads her branches, Belinda Rogers contemplates the zen of everything, while Sanjay Kumar Srivastava questions life and longing itself.

And all this wonderful art is interspersed with lyrical poetry and frankincense.
This is The Silent Tree. We welcome you to experience it for yourself.

Here are the participating artists, the chosen ones from India, Canada and Australia, showcasing their Silent Tree.

Aadhi Vishal - Painting - Goa
Aditi Chakaravarty - Painting - Guwahati
Anshu George - Poetry - Bengaluru
Ansul Noor - Poetry - Ontario
Ashok Bhowmick - Painting - New Delhi
Belinda Rogers - Painting - Victoria
Bhaskar Rao - Painting - Hyderabad
Gangatharan G - Painting - Coimbatore
Lakshmi Priya Menon - Painting - Chennai
Mangala Narayan - Painting - Bengaluru
Navdeep Kaur - Installation - Bengaluru
Kripajyoti Nisha Singla - Painting - New Delhi
Prabin Kumar Nath - Painting - Guwahati
Prakash Rangarajan - Poetry - Coimbatore
Ritu Chopra - Painting - Noida
Sanjay Kumar Srivastava - Painting - Mumbai
Shamshad Khan - Photography - Bengaluru
Silky Arora - Mixed Media - New Delhi
Snehal Kashikar - Ceramics & Pottery - Ahmedabad
Sowmya Lakshmi N - Installation - Coimbatore
Vasundhara W - Poetry - Bengaluru
Vipta Kapadia - Painting - Mumbai

We invite you all to come and see their soulful art in person at #TheSilentTree
31st August - 4th September 2018
Art Houz Gallery, Jenneys Residency, Coimbatore, India
10:30am to 7:30pm

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