Illusion of Reality

There Is always between the artist his works and the  nature around him.This serles.explore the works that are based on  what surrounds them. The artist from his/her experiences with the
nature, have created world that they feel is ideal They convey their emotions and opinions about Me between women and nature. This illusion that the artist themselves create is to express the
love for what he/she sees around them every day.

The element of womanhood is also a very centre.thematic to the series The artists have portrayed women as the creator of life. They compare her beauty to nature and tries to explain a woman's close connection to the world around her.

The.are illusions° of reality, the artists have created a world that is very similar to the world around us. The artists have touched upon the soft  line between what is reel end whet Is Imaginary.

Artist: Geetha Shree Rajanna

Title: Hope

Medium: Charcol and Acrylic on Paper

Size | Year: 30"x28" | 2018


Artist: Saravanan G

Title: Crown

Medium : Acrylic on canvas

Size | Year: 21"x30" | 2018



Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Size | Year: 24"x36" | 2018

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