Mural Paintings have been an integral part of art from the ancient times. When man started engraving and inscribing pictures on the walls of caves. The cave inscriptions and paintings and the murals in the temples and palaces gives us insights into the changing culture and evolution. The murals of the past like the ones found in Ajanta caves and today’s painting gives man a sense of achievement in the fields of art and culture.

“Kalakriti” is an exhibition with a concept of two artists Vishnu Vikraman and artist Rajesh Pulappatta. They explore their skills in traditional and contemporary mural. Their focus on Traditional and contemporary Murals with different medium in Canvas and on walls.

Artist Rajesh Pulappatta from Kerala, has completed his MFA Painting(Mural) from Visva-Bharati University, West Bengal. One of his remarkable painting series are “Magdalene Mariam” which will be exhibited in Art Houz. He is done a research on Kerala Mural Tradition in Contemporary Culture.

Artist Vishnu Vikraman from Kerala, has completed his Masters of Fine Arts, this is his 23rd exhibition. He will be exhibiting The new version of Perumthachan painting series which is in the form of wall paintings was done on the basis of novel named “Agnihothram” written by KB Sreedevi, a well know Kerala writer.


Artist:Vishnu Vikraman

Title: Anandasayanam

Medium: acrylic on canvas

Size | Year: 36"x24" | 2018



Title: Sree Krishna

Size | Year: 30"x18" | 2018

Artist:Vishnu Vikraman

Title:Ashta Lakshmi

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Size | Year: 38"x38" | 2018

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