Self, memories and perceptions…

Scaffold has been a space where we three artists interact through senses and thoughts. It provided the opportunity to explore and exhibit our inhibitions and experiences. The previous ventures talked about social, economic and geological observations into art forms. As we grow through interactions, experience and self-questioning the identities become more of a voyage on the self, memories and perceptions…

As moving ahead, we are not dithering ourselves from talking the truthfulness we inhibit. The three artists here might be individuals in gathering and learning but as a team we put forward oneness. This show talks about the identification we have found in us, and how we got hold of these identities and explored ourselves.
Shinod Akkaraparambil, takes the most petted animal as his metaphor to communicate the goodness and evilness in the society and environment. He metaphors ‘ dog’ and transforms visuals with ‘mating’ to speak about the good and bad.
Sujeeth Kumar Sree kandan. Has confined to memories of his travels to mountains and forests and also attempted to question himself about Time& Space.
Vijay Pichumani speaks about his self and body as an art form which transverse into the experiences and feels, the dilution of the wholeness, the body into the nature.


Artist: Shinod Akkaraparambil

Title:I don’t want to swear you…

Medium: Watercolour on bokingford

Size | Year: 30 X 22 inch | 2017

Artist:Shinod Akkaraparambil

Title: I don’t want to swear you…

Medium:Watercolour on Saunders Waterford

Size | Year: 40 X 60 inch | 2017


Artist: Sujeeth Kumar SREE KANDAN

Title:  “Memories of mountains”

Medium: Watercolour

Size | Year: 36”X 36” | 2017


Artist: Vijay Pichumani



Size | Year:  | 2017

Artist:Shinod Akkaraparambil

Title: “Questioned time and space, but it whacked me back…”


Size | Year: | 2017


Artist: Sujeeth Kumar SREE KANDAN

Title:  “The trees dance as fire engulfing it…”


Size | Year:   | 2017


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