Art Houz is one of the leading contemporary art galleries from South-India. Founded in 2012 by VincentAdaikalraj, the gallery has achieved significant importance, mounting some of the most important shows from the Indian art scene. Our focus is on young emerging artists with an experimental approach topractice and expand the horizons of South Indian art audience. The space has been orchestrated in such a way that it not only anchors the artistic context and emotion of the individual artist/e but also lends itself tomould and weave a compelling visual chronicle for the connoisseur. It is a perfect backdrop for not just time-honoured unhindered traditional art displays but also for contemporary avant-garde arts.


Art Houz Bangalore

Art Houz is a space where art lovers and makers meet to discuss their common passion. Over a short period of time, since its inception in 2014, Art Houz Bengaluru has emerged as an enviable address for exhibitions and a trusted name for a selective and exclusive loyal patronage. Art Houz Bengaluru is ideal for exhibitions that seek to create a different dimension of experience, where the artwork, the artist and the viewer become a seamless entity of synchronised perceptual synapses.