November 09, 2023 - November 27, 2023

Markings of A Hand - Pa Sa Kumar

"Markings of a Hand’ presents for the very first time on view, exclusive left-hand
drawings by eminent artist Pa Sa Kumar. This exhibition takes the viewer from the present to the past
to visit a moment of resolve that changed the course and dynamics of a creative line for the artist. It
reveals a stage of experimental exploration of technique that gradually evolved to a prolific rendering
of the line using the left hand.

It establishes an empowering process of discovery and redemption leading to a series of works marked ‘LHD’ (Left-Hand Drawings). Having chosen from close to a hundred works, the select drawings on display, in pen and pen and ink on paper, lead the viewer from the most recent (2020-22) to a few from 2009-10 and to the series titled ‘Accident’ that marks the beginning (1998) of LHD. It presents overwhelming grit to overcome a setback, a traumatic period of nurturing a fractured right arm, of helplessness and of new beginnings that transformed the mind to create an instinctive rhythm of creative understanding. It was a platform for the artist to explore the power of the left hand as it coursed across lines marking reality and fantasy."


Dr. Pramila Lochan, Art Historian and Curator