July 23, 2022 - August 08, 2022

Pichumani: Re-Imagined Reality

"In Vijay's latest suite of works titled “PICHUMANI: Re-Imagined Reality”, which is to form the core of the show in Bengaluru, his thematic content is premised on flowers. The idea of engaging with flowers came to him while walking in his hometown, and along the muddy paths, he discovered some colourful flowers that attracted him. It was a decision taken to articulate with flowers the relationships between the personalities of different individuals. He therefore initiated his conceptual journey by identifying individuals as flowers and associating the characteristics of the flowers with it. Hence he executed a large composition, essentialising the nature and character of man as multidimensional, which cannot be generalized. An interesting work of this series ‘ Language of Love’ developed as a four-panel composition which consists of men, women and children whose countenances are replaced by flowers. Vijay has linearly carved the figures through his varied tools, imparting a powerful and dynamic effect which is as energetic as it is contemplative. The work draws attention to the flower that replaces the faces of the human figures. The flower has the characteristics of optimism, energy, vibrancy, a flower that is attracted by the power of the light

The admirable dimension of Vijay’s series of works that evolved over more than one and half decades is his versatility in conceptualizing different forms for clarifying his ideas and has remained successful in executing them. The heroic as well as poignantly dramatic expressions find representations in appropriate forms as woodcut prints and collographs, acrylics, oils, sculptures, installations and mixed media painting marking the ingenuity, creative ardour, committed dedication, emotional intensity and focussed passion toward the realization of his artistic expressions. The power of purpose and vision driving his art was the philosophical core of questions, in the quest of which he found answers which have been attempted successfully through his artistry and craftsmanship. His works in their evocative power and spiritual simplicity are a visual delight."