April 28, 2022 - May 01, 2022

India Art Fair 2022

 Vijay Pichumani, an alumnus of the Government College of Arts and Crafts, Chennai, creates autobiographical art inspired by city sights and personal experiences. Renowned for his large woodblock prints of owls and crows, his recent work visualizes sound through lines, blending macro vision with micro depth. After studying nature post-graduation, he gained global recognition with the 56th National Award for Woodcut Print in 2015 and held his first solo show, Dot, at Art Houz Gallery in 2016.

G. Subramanian, a 1974 graduate of the Govt. College of Arts & Crafts, Kumbakonam, is renowned for his mixed-media art combining collage, acrylic paint, and ink washes. Over a 25-year career, he has received numerous awards, including the AIFACS award and several Malwan GCC Countries Biennale Awards. Inspired by the innocence in children's faces and Indian mythology, his vibrant portrayals of child-like Buddha, Krishna, Ganesha, and Hanuman evoke joy and are featured in global private collections and institutions; he currently resides in Bengaluru.

Dhan Prasad, a dedicated disciple of Thota Vaikuntam, has showcased his vibrant artworks in numerous group and solo exhibitions both in India and internationally, including at the Lalit Kala Akademi and Art Revolution Taiwan. Honoured with a gold medal by the South Zone Cultural Award Center and recognized at the 8th International Youth Art Exhibition in Finland, Prasad's work focuses on fortune tellers, yogis, and fakirs around places of worship, capturing their lives and considering them as people living under the direct shelter of God.

Romicon Revola, honoured with the 2019 CIMA Infosys Special Award and the KWAA for Excellence in Art & Culture, is driven by a curiosity to understand and express human experience through her evolving artistic language. Her characters, Trilokini and Maya, symbolize a re-imagined world order, with the butterfly's metamorphosis representing personal transformation. Trilokini's textured surface reflects the earth, blue shades evoke the sky and oceans, and glittering butterflies symbolize the sun's energy, imparting a meditative quality with their closed eyes and alluding to wind and air through their wing movements.

Santhosh D. Andrade, a dedicated environmentalist and member of the Art Kanara Artist Group and Karavali Chitrakala Chavadi, finds self-expression through his unique approach to folk art. His paintings depict rustic folk stories with delicate emotional figures and well-defined elements like trees and clouds, creating a three-dimensional effect enhanced by splashes of red. Influenced by the Madhubani style, Andrade's work reflects his inner creative impulses, using colour and imagery to convey deep feelings and a heightened sense of energy and sensitivity.

Jasu Rawal, a Bengaluru-based artist, follows Paul Klee’s philosophy that art reveals rather than reproduces the visible. With a career spanning 4-5 decades and participation in over 50 shows worldwide, including solo exhibitions in France, London, and Bangalore, he has received accolades like the Karnataka Lalit Kala Academi Award. Initially focused on figurative works, Rawal later embraced abstracts, using colour to express dreamlike, minimalist compositions that depict surreal landscapes and objects, often leaving his paintings untitled to allow viewers to interpret their mood and meaning.

Born in 1976 in Kozhencherry, Kerala, Pramod Neelakantan began his artistic journey before formal training in traditional mural painting. His village-based art studio is gradually changing local attitudes toward art, which was once undervalued. Transitioning from oil on canvas to traditional murals, Pramod now focuses on contemporary paintings that prominently feature green hues and unconventional styles, aiming to provoke thought rather than just please the eye, while respecting photorealism and traditional techniques.