September 23, 2021 - October 23, 2021

Kolvel - Vijay Pichumani

The series has been titled ‘Kolvel’, the place where the artist was quarantined during the pandemic. Kolvel is a coastal hamlet blessed with the bounties of nature. It is a beautiful village in Kanyakumari, tucked away from the chaos of city life. Surrounded by beautiful mountain peaks, the scent of greenery, small rivulets, and a serene atmosphere all make up the idyllic setting of Kolvel.

‘Kolvel’ is a reflection of the artist’s connection with nature and its inherent sound and a sturdy reminder to the viewers to look around and appreciate nature. To Vijay, nature is the paradise that never fails to mesmerise him with its beauty and its purpose. He truly believes that it is necessary to cultivate a consciousness that is attuned to the natural process to connect to nature. When an artist of his perspective, understanding and creativity are left alone with the enchantment of nature, an oeuvre of this kind is produced(created).

Vijay’s larger than life sculpture of the fish titled ‘The Wait’ is an important symbol where he witnessed a unique kind of enthusiasm in his neighbourhood with fishing during the lockdown. Appropriately titled, the artwork represents the wait that both the fish and humanity experienced for the reconnect. In the two works titled ‘Sound Alert’, Vijay gives shape to animal vocalisation where alarm calls like whistles, and stridulation act as a communication to other animals that are in poor visibility of the danger. Through these artworks, the artist reinforces the concept of coevolving, which seems to be long forgotten by humanity. His representation of lapwings and squirrels becomes the sentries that guard the ecosystem. ‘Kolvel’ is a tribute to the boundless beauty of nature and humanity’s evident estrangement from it. The series also displays the artist’s inclination to capture images that reference the ongoing duality of life and suffering without precluding hope. His artwork titled ‘100 % Gold’ is an accolade to all the hard-working hands and feet.