January 05, 2024 - January 31, 2024

Art and Nature

Sculptors who often use natural materials to create their artworks, stone, wood, clay, fiber and metals are common choices. The choice of material can impact the texture, colour, and overall feel of the sculpture, creating a connection to the natural world. Many sculptors are inspired by the shapes and forms found in nature. Artists may replicate natural objects like plants, animals, or geological formations, or they may abstract and stylize these forms to create unique artistic expressions. Nature frequently serves as a thematic source for sculptures. Artists explore concepts such as growth, decay, transformation, and the cycle of life through their works, also depict elements of the natural world, like landscapes, animals, or the human form, as a way to convey deeper meanings.

We present the viewer with an eclectic array of sculptures, we have 30 works on display which include sculptures and drawings.