May 16, 2024 - May 30, 2024

AI-50, Edition 1- Sculpture

“AI 50”, is a journey that we at Arts Illustrated set forth to explore the world of contemporary sculpture. During this process, we have had the privilege of working with some of the most outstanding artists who belong to India's ever-evolving sculptural landscape.

Within the pages, you will discover a captivating array of sculptures that transcend conventional boundaries, inviting viewers to contemplate the interplay between form, material, and theme. These sculptures harness the inherent properties of their materials to convey deeper meanings. Some pieces use their forms and materials to spark curiosity and evoke introspection, while others offer powerful commentary, serving as catalysts for dialogue and reflection.

Through this collection, the aim has been to showcase the power of art to provoke thought and evoke profound emotional responses. We hope these sculptures touch your heart, challenge your perceptions, and enrich your artistic journey.